Voice Create Tokyo began operations in March 2020. Located in Tokyo, it is a one-stop-shop for the complex process of producing voice-overs in Japanese, providing clients with top-quality audio to their exacting specifications. Voice Create Tokyo isn't just a voiceover agency, it's a total service provider that you can count on to fulfill all your recording needs.

Script Development

Script production, including translations and rewrites

Tailored VO Services

Voice-overs that are tailored to your needs, taking into account your script, goals, and budget


Direction, both at the planning stage, and in the studio


Editing of recordings

Voice Create Tokyo will also find and arrange the best voices for your project, so the final cut sounds just as you imagined it would.

When it comes to high-quality online interpretation, you're in good hands with Voice Create Tokyo.

  • Webinars

    For international and local events in Japan & globally. 

  • Business Meetings

    Meetings with Japanese companies and organizations.

  • Interviews

    Foreign and local interview sessions

  • Recording & Production

    Arranging audio recording sessions with Japanese narrators.

At Voice Create Tokyo, we provide an extensive range of services that you can rely on. We have worked with over 150 major Japanese companies and organizations, and you can be confident that we are deeply familiar with Japanese corporate culture and customs. Clients always come first, and we're proud to say that most of our business is repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Professional interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive) with over 10 years of experience working at seminars and conferences for companies and UN agencies. Extensive experience as a voice-over director, webinar MC, and presenter.


Yuki speaks native Japanese; fluent in English, German, and Korean. Sensitive to local accents and skilled at adapting speech for cultural and environmental reasons to maximize comprehension thanks to frequent moves in childhood. 

Selected Interpretation Experience

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nichibei Kyokai (America-Japan Society)

    Seminar on Midterm Elections and U.S.-Japan Relations, with the North American Director-General and Former Ambassador to the United States of America (simultaneous interpretation)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM)

    Governor's Luncheon, with Fiji's Prime Minister

  • Financial Services Agency,

    Seminar on Cyber Security Trends in the Financial Sector (simultaneous interpretation)

  • The Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7),

    Official Side Event — "Strengthening Africa's Resilience through Sustainable Development and Health" (simultaneous interpretation)

  • United Nations World Food Program (WFP)

    with the Executive Director

  • International Labor Organization (ILO) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

    Seminar on Youth Employment Issues (simultaneous interpretation)

  • UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

    Public Forum Symposium — "Citizen Collaboration and Disaster Preparedness"

  • Courtesy Calls

    Embassy of the Dominican Republic, Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, Embassy of the Republic of Mali, Et Cetera


KUDO Certificate

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

English Language Proficiency Test

JLPT Level 1 (C1 in CEFR)

ÖSD Zertifikat

B2 Level (German language proficiency test)

Certified Secretary

Bilingual secretary in EN/JP

CAIS Certificate

Simultaneous Interpretation (EN/JP)


in Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

Wine & Spirit Education Trust

(WSET®) Wine & Spirit, SAKE

Wine Expert

Japan Sommelier Association


Director of Japan Association of Conference Interpreters


Member of Japan Association of Translators


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